• June 23, 2024

Finding a Great SEO Reseller Vendor


Finding a SEO reseller is vital these days. Many businesses underestimate the importance of a SEO reseller program, thinking that they can write new content, and just have a website presence. However, that can’t be farther from the truth.  With Google always changing guidelines, and giving penalties to websites, it’s very important to hire experts in handling SEO requirements. Not only will websites have higher rankings in search engines, which will lead to more online traffic to their websites, but they will also prevent the possibility of getting penalized, which can weigh heavily on one’s business.

With penalization, companies’ websites are getting backed by several pages on search engines which is bad, since customers rarely go beyond the first few pages. And in some cases, some companies’ websites are banned, which is terrible, since a large percentage of online visitors and sales came from customers learning about their products and services via search engines.

With this said, SEO resellers are a definite must in today’s business society. Even if a business has adequate knowledge on search engine optimization, it still doesn’t have the right amount of time needed to monitor their SEO progress, especially when it comes to Google’s constant change in guidelines, and also due to the business being busy with business operations, vendors, marketing, etc. Therefore, practically no business owner can go without the services of SEO resellers.

Selection Criteria and What You Need to know to Outsource SEO

To outsource SEO, there are different criteria that business owners should adhere to, in choosing the most proficient, and professional SEO experts around. One thing that business owners shouldn’t do is go the cheapest route. Sometimes trying to be cheap will cost more. Sometimes it’s best to put in some money that can give astronomical results. With that being the case, that will be a worthwhile investment.  Secondly, the SEO reseller must have a proven track record, to show that they are reliable in their services. This can be done by checking with the Better Business Bureau, and by checking customer reviews on different reliable sites. Another criteria is to see how the SEO experts undergo content marketing and competitive keyword analysis. These are very crucial elements when it comes to search engine optimization, so it’s important to know rather or not they utilize sound, scientific methods in determining the competitive keyword analysis. It’s also important to how much keyword density they use, because too much keyword density can hurt websites. And lastly, for some, it may be important to know rather or not, the SEO reseller participate in white label SEO.  Sometimes, such partnerships can help create more profit, especially when the business want to market more, but may not have as much time as they like to market their product or services.

Things that can go Wrong

There are several potential traps that can occur, if not aware or not careful. Besides the issue of penalization of search engines, and lower rankings in search engines, other things should be avoided. For one, if electing to use white label SEO, the business must make sure the partnership is thoroughly clear and agreed upon. Sometimes, partnerships have bad outcomes, upon disagreements and not seeing eye to eye on different techniques. Also, another thing that could go wrong is the fact that a SEO reseller may not be as fluent in keeping with updated guidelines from Google. This can pose a risk to companies, because Google can penalize the company for using a SEO method that is no longer allowed. This could happen if the SEO reseller, or the business itself, don’t catch, and therefore, make the necessary changes before Google become aware of the unauthorized SEO method. Because of this severity, it’s always important that businesses stay on top of their outsourced SEO.


Finding a SEO reseller is vital these days. Many businesses underestimate the importance of a SEO reseller program, thinking that they can write new content, and just have a website presence. And not only that- having a terrible website is not good either. Because of these things and more, an SEO reseller program is very important for the success of websites. Practically no business can do without a SEO reseller program. And besides, more traffic will come from outsourcing SEO experts, which in turn, will derive from websites having higher rankings on search engines. Great search optimization is greatly needed because business websites are getting penalized for not adhering to different SEO guidelines. This could be very detrimental to businesses since most of their traffic and sales are deriving from more web presence from search engines. And since the importance of SEO resellers are determined, companies must also determine the selection criteria, and be aware of what to do and not to do, in order to have great success in this endeavor.


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