• May 20, 2024

Leading SEO reseller strategies

Web designers, marketing groups and SEO reseller specialists who want search engine optimization for their clients can partner with a trusted SEO company for comprehensive search engine optimization services selecting a package that best fits each business’ particular needs. You can offer your clients one complete customized package that will cover every aspect of their marketing plan, plus analytics. There is no success in starting a business relationship making promises that are not deliverable. It makes good sense to partner with an SEO provider who is proficient in full-service SEO campaigns from pre-sales research to retention modules, who uses organic and local SEO, has a dynamic social media management history, PPC and applicable facilitation with a migration specialist that will assist you in keeping your client campaigns on a regular schedule like twice a month or weekly.

The first reseller strategy that must be on your list is to offer each client free tools that feature priceless services like finding broken links, which often hinder excellent ranking on search engine pages no matter how exceptional their marketing plan is carried out. Another priceless tool is a free image and link analyzer for clients who still need to optimize their images for search. This project seems overwhelming, but having a tool that shows each image with its identifiers  will consolidate the effort and make it more manageable. How about offering a free tool that views how the search engine spider sees their site? Offering your client a one-stop visual of their sites’ critical problems and search deficits provides unquestionable confirmation that your service can help them remedy real-time website problems.

You may already have many of the services your clients will need, the trick to good partnering is in hiring an SEO specialist with the services you do not already have. Keep it simple, you do not need a service that duplicates service you already exceed at. You need a partner that specializes in the optimization service gaps you want to provide. Organize your SEO reseller program partnerships according to their strengths so you can launch client campaigns and service cycles at least twice per month, this will keep their followers interested and returning regularly. Negotiate with your resellers for month-to-month service commitments, this way you can change your menu of outsource SEO services if some are not producing or your clients are developing some more advanced service requirements.

Beware of resellers who guarantee results and specific rankings just to sign you on with a long-term contract. Create an environment where your SEO partners must prove themselves on a month-to-month service plan. At the same time, do not start up with a larger package then your business needs. Evaluate where your clients immediate needs are, and how you can service them optimally for the present, observe how your partner’s services are performing month to month, then add services as needed as your client’s marketing plans progress.

Some of the basic start up services you can select to build packages for your new clients include:

  • Optimization of 1-5 pages
  • Google+ Local Creation
  • Yahoo! Local Creation
  • Bing Local Creation
  • Keyword Optimization – Keyword Research & Keyword Grouping
  • Link Citation Development – Website Audit Report & Broken Link Reporting
  • SEO Road Map
  • Google Analytics Check
  • Google Analytics Summary
  • End of Month Ranking Report

Some of these are logical services you probably already provide with excellence, some you may want to use an SEO reseller partner with proven results to further benefit your clients.  Your customers with older websites, who are, or should be looking to vamp up, modernize, and find solutions for specific pain points will need more strategic solutions. One very important “must have” for your already established customers is the “Link Clean Up” package. When sites have been around the cyber-world for  long time, it’s common that they have been “tweaked” by many in-house engineers or online services. Consequently, many companies find out too late that they are not ranking where they should be, simply because of hidden bad links and back-links acquired along the way, completely without their knowledge. You can be the “Solution Hero”,  when they see their next months’ analytics, once you have applied these clean-up solutions.

The purpose of search engines is to consistently provide users with excellent content resources that respond directly and relevantly to their immediate search, (interests). The reason why all search engines have built-in anti-cheating detection and they consistently adjust their algorithms is to keep improving the search relevancy and accuracy they provide. Make your clients fully aware of the benefits to providing exceptional, original creative content for each of their websites, without replication. Even website images should be original and not copied from one website to the next, if their true goal is ranking optimization. Your clients need frequent updates, as much fresh content creation as they can manage, with the full use of good keyword phrases – in their headings, content, domain names, as well as strategic usage in their links’ anchor texts. As a white label SEO service, you can best assist every client by helping them understand the value of finding content providers focused on relevant and compelling topics and copy, who consistently produce interesting content directed at target users that is sure to enhance their content ranking every month.

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