• July 22, 2024

What is the Difference Between Public and Private School?

Are you wonering, ” What is the difference between public and private school?” This video provides valuable information on the differences between public vs. private K-12 schools in the United States.

“Public school” refers to those run by the government and are free to attend because taxes fund them.

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These schools are more diverse and adhere to state-standard syllabi. The class sizes of these schools are larger than at private schools.

Private schools require tuition to attend and include primarily white students in their makeup. The cost of attending private school varies, with a handful of them costing as much as $50,000 per year. They have much more flexibility in their curriculum and can be seen as offering a more well-rounded education. Private schools also have a lower student-to-teacher ratio and a higher graduation rate than public schools.

Those who went to private school were more likely also born into generational wealth and would go on to attend a four-year university to obtain a bachelor’s degree. There are obviously outliers in terms of those who fall into each schooling category.

Ultimately, success and other life outcomes depend upon many more factors than the type of k-12 education someone receives. Often, once someone gets into a university, it doesn’t matter much whether they went to a public or private school.

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