4 Ways to Make Big Money as an SEO Reseller

SEO RESELLER PROGRAMSEO advice pages are full of best practices tips, solid ways to make an SEO practice feasible. Unfortunately, there are just two ways to get beyond mere survival and to thrive in the SEO business. The first way is to get lucky by landing one client with deep pockets who is willing to offer you an unlimited budget. Everyone is allowed to dream. The other way is to take big chances with an eye on big gains, or to gamble on big investments. Below are four ways to improve your chances at making it big in SEO resale that may not be for the faint at heart.

1. Leverage business development
You will lose money on business development in the short run. However, in the long run, you can make it up. The fastest way for you to boost your revenue is to get hired as an outsource office for bigger agencies.

Look for ad agencies to partner with. There are many ad agencies that are much larger than SEO agencies. Cold call them and offer to help with their websites. If you do well, they will send a lot of clients your way.
2. Be results oriented
In this business, there is one strategy that will place you head and shoulders above the crowd. That is not being a shill. The SEO Resale industry is filled to the brim with half-trained, hackneyed, fly-by-night snake oil salesmen who think SEO is a racket. They believe there is nothing to search engine optimization other than just finding catchy keywords and using them frequently- and those are the nice ones. The not so nice ones are those who know how hard real quality SEO results can be to achieve and they prey on clients who are naïve.

This all may sound like extremely bad news, but it absolutely is not. What it means is that honesty and work ethics are rare commodities in SEO Resale… -and what does it mean when a commodity is rare? That’s right, it means that commodity is valuable! So, if you’re the kind of person who takes pleasure in making an honest buck for honest work- SEO Resale may be just the line of work for you.

It may take a while for clients to get burned by all the others guys and come back to you. That’s why this route is somewhat of a gamble. But when they do come back to you, you will get the best referrals that can be had under the Sun.

That, however, is just part of what it means to be results driven. Sure, it means you’re not snowing your clients. But it really means that your methods are based on research and experience. It means you can forecast the results of your efforts in order to give your clients reliable estimates and timelines.
3. Your best clients will come from referrals
So, we’ve figured out how to get high-quality referrals.  Clients that come from referrals are always going to be your best clients. These are people who heard a glowing review about your firm or service from someone they trust without it being forced down their throats during commercial segments. These clients are going to have a lasting good impression of you and they are engaged with a real-world micro-culture that revolves around you. That real world micro-culture is made up of themselves and the person who referred you- probably someone the referral customer already likes and trusts.

Once you get a referral customer, treat that account like gold- because that’s what it is. Also, keep in mind that the referrals you get from referral clients can be even better- as your reputation for integrity and results grows.
4. Referrals are not reliable sources of income
“What? But they’re the best! Right?” Yes, they are the best clients. But you cannot count on getting them. Yes, chances are you will get some great referral clients if you do top notch work and give detailed and accurate reports. But, like sunny weather, there is no guarantee they will come.

How to get around this? The way to earn yourself a top notch client base is to leverage your expertise. They say that people who can, do- and those who can’t do, teach. But that’s really a false dichotomy. Why? Because some people can do, they do- do, and they teach as well. Consider that the service you provide as an SEO reseller is valuable. So, you sell the service. That means you must have knowledge that is valuable- and if your knowledge is valuable- that means you can sell that knowledge directly.

There are several ways to do this:

Blogging – Writing a regular blog, (on which you may host ads) will make you a resource for those seeking advice and help.

Speak at conferences – This is the best way to get high-quality clients, other than referrals. There’re a lot of people looking to spend advertising dollars at these events, and giving a good speech is a great way to stand out for this crowd.

Help out bloggers – Established bloggers have an established audience that you can tap into if you should help them or contribute to their content.

SEO Reseller Rock Star

SEO RESELLERWhen you are looking for an SEO reseller program, you want to find one that will be the best option for your business.  Here are some of the criteria that you need to follow when choosing one for your business.

  1. Is the SEO reseller plan that you are considering backed by an SEO philosophy that is appropriate?  What this means is does the agency that is doing the SEO delivery use white label tactics?  Before delving into what constitutes “white label SEO tactics” you need to be totally comfortable with their approach to link building and their approach to rankings.  At this juncture, complete congruency is critical between your organization (as the customer support and sales group) and the reseller of the SEO services (the group that delivers).  If you don’t research this thoroughly before you begin, it can and will lead to customers complaining and even lost revenue in the end.  Take all of the time you need to make sure what is really being offered in terms of the services that you will be getting.
  2. Make sure that the SEO reseller program you are looking at is fully explained to you.  While this might sound obvious, some programs are actually black boxes.  This is not to say that all of the black box programs are to be condemned.  For example – say you enjoy listening to Pandora Radio online.  You don’t know how they will know which songs you like but they do.  You are happily able to pay x amount of dollars each month for Pandora without having a clear understanding how it works.  This is not an issue.  SEO space is not like that though.  People get irked about how it is done and the stakes are high.  For these reasons, transparency should be a vital aspect of any program from as SEO reseller.  When you don’t have that transparency, you will know it.  If you ask a direct question and the answers that you get are not clear and direct, that is not acceptable.  When everything is clear and you get everything down in writing that is easy to understand, this is what you need.
  3. Will you be able to turn a profit? Yes, you got on the internet and created an online presence because you have a business that you would like to grow.  Don’t be shy about the need you have for making a profit when you start a business.  That said, make sure that you don’t take it too far.  You should evaluate each SEO reseller plan that you are considering in terms of the money that you can make as well as the value that is will bring to your customers.  Many business owners have made the huge mistake of getting the cheapest SEO they can find.  This is not the way to turn a profit, it is more likely to be the first step on the road to failure.  While you may have a high closure rate with a low-price plan but six months down the road, you will be losing business left and right.  You need to be sure to get the most for your money, but remember quality needs to come before quantity.  When you cheap out on SEO services, you are jeopardizing yourself because you will get low quality work that more than likely has been outsourced to countries where English is not the native language.  Believe it when I say that your customer WILL be able to tell and as a result, they will get a negative attitude towards the quality of your business overall.
  4. Apples and Oranges?  The next vital information you need in order to successfully evaluate various SEO resellers and programs is to make sure that you are making the appropriate comparisons.  For example, say you are looking at two plans.  One of them is $199 a month and the other is only $99 a month.  Before just reaching for the cheaper one, find out what they include.  The more expensive one might write of their content while the cheap one might outsource their writing to the Philippines or some other foreign country.  While the one that writes their own content might be more expensive, once you add up all of the components you may find that the more expensive one actually saves you more money.

This might be a bit complicated.  The thing is, many times, people are in too much of a hurry to check SEO reseller programs to make sure that they are using white label SEO, or even what they include.  They tend to just look at the prices and go with the cheapest.  Don’t do this.  You can literally kill your business with the wrong SEO reseller.  Now that you have this information, you are ahead of the game.  You know what to look for and can now make an informed decision when you get ready to sign a contract for outsourced SEO services.

SEO Resellers who Make High Profits

Are you looking for a great SEO reseller for your agency?  If not, why not?  They can help you grow your business while taking some of the stress off of your shoulders.  In the next few paragraphs we will talk about finding that SEO reseller who can get your business right where it needs to be.

What to Look for in an SEO Reseller Program

You may have heard that SEO is becoming a critical part of every business.  This is because the markets today are all inextricably tied to the online world.  Did you know that the very last mall to open in the US was nearly 10 years ago?  Did you also know that currently there are not any plans anywhere in the country to build more?  See, consumers are turning away from the hassle of going to brick and mortar businesses and stores when they can do everything from the convenience of their own homes.

If you have already been looking are the various programs that are available when it comes to SEO reseller plans then you will have noticed that these programs can run the gamut from very cheap ones that offer little maneuverability and assistance to ones that are incredibly expensive but have better guidance and more wiggle room.  The idea here is to locate the one that offers you that perfect balance of price and support.  This will allow for you to be more competitive and will generate more profits.

If you happen to be rather new to the SEO concept, then a program that is more comprehensive and gives you educational resources as well as a representative who can help you might be your best option.

Look for those SEO plans that come complete with a useful and intuitive system for content management.  Without this, you run the risk of information and communication between the company, your client and yourself breaking down.

When you are looking at the various options and resellers, look at reviews that have been given by their former clients regarding the services that they perform.

Also, how will the prospective resellers handle white label SEO?  This is where the content that is created by them is then passed on to your clients as if you made it yourself.  When this is poorly done, the trust that your client has in you can wither and die.

What Can go Wrong With an SEO Reseller Plan

There are times when things might go wrong.

Hiring writers.  This can be tricky.  Writers need to be a native speaker of the language that your pages will be in.  To not make sure of this is to jeopardize your entire enterprise.  A writer must be able to get your content written in a clear and concise manner that is easy to both read and understand.  Good writers are difficult to find but they are out there.

Changing the design of your website can also end badly.  This is chancy because doing this can lead to readers not liking or wanting to get used to the new design and it can also confuse the bots and spiders from the search engines if there are issues with the source code.

Hiring social media experts.  This is tricky because it is a position that is rather new.  Someone can have the opinion that they are an expert in social media simply because they have a few accounts on social media.  If you happen to get a person who has little understanding of how social media sharing works for businesses then you stand to lose both time and money.  That being said, the position is growing quickly and this means that soon there will be a flood of more qualified candidates.

What You Need to Know to Outsource SEO

Two of these things, you should already know.  One is that the internet is an integral part of most people’s daily lives and the second thing is that this is not something that is going to change anytime soon.

There was a recent study that showed the average American spends 23 minutes daily using various search engines.  As a company, this means that SEO is critical.  This is no longer something that is an added bonus or an option when you happen to have a few extra bucks in the petty cash.  It is something that is necessary to have in your marketing tool box.

SEO, when it is done right can lead to your business gaining ranking in the search engines and making more money in the long run.  Do not expect immediate and incredible results overnight though.  This is something that will take time to be done correctly.  While this might be an endeavor that can be a bit pricey, the advantages far outweigh the costs.

Resell SEO to Grow Income

SEO is a fantastic way to grow income, draw customers, and build your business quickly, of that there is no doubt. How does it build your business and grow income you may ask. That answer is a bit easier to answer than you may imagine. SEO has the ability to expose more people to your site and to your company than ever before and therefore can help you grow greatly.

An SEO reseller can help even more. There are a few ways that SEO reselling can help you to grow you income and to build your business and knowing a thing or two about this can help you make the right choice for your company. There are five ways that SEO reselling can help you to grow your profits and your income overall.

  1. Bring in New Customers- SEO is a powerful tool and with the right reseller you can grow your client base exponentially. Having a great reseller on your side makes it easier than ever before to draw in new customers and to really get the attention of the people that you are marketing to. Resellers know what works and they know what type of advertising, SEO and content is going to work best. This works to your advantage, you get all the profit and the benefit without the extra work that you have to focus on.
  2. Bring in New Content- reselling can also help you get fresh new content that you never knew you needed. You can have the content that draws in clients and that draws in viewers without having to break your back creating new content every day. Resellers have skilled teams on hand at all times that can help you to get content that has been created specifically for your site and specifically for your own individual needs. This means that you will have fresh, new, and exciting content that is tailored to your needs as often as you need it to keep your site fresh.
  3. Skilled Problem Solvers- SEO resellers are skilled problem solvers and as such they are going to be able to keep your site running smoothly. This means that you will not have to worry about snags, not have to worry about bumps in the road, and you can instead focus on your profit and your overall income. Overall this means that your site is going to function better without your having to sink extra money, extra manpower, and extra time into it.
  4. Better SEO- sure you can create good SEO on your own, but with a reseller you are getting experienced workers that know how to use SEO to its best benefit and know what it takes to be utterly successful and to work well. This means that you are going to get the best SEO possible and you are not going to have to worry about the overall worry that comes with handling SEO on your own. You are going to get the same credit and the same great results, with half the work and nearly none of the worry. You are going to be able to use your SEO without working yourself to death.
  5. Faster Turn Around- being able to have new content every day or every week can make a big difference in the number of people that come to your site and the number of people that buy from you. This means that the faster turnaround that comes with a reseller is going to work to your advantage. You are going to get great new content faster and great new SEO features far faster than if you work on the content yourself. This means your customers are going to stay interested and stay captivated by what you have to offer ultimately raising your income and growing your business.

No matter what method you choose or why you choose to use an SEO reseller, there is no doubt that they make the entire process of SEO far easier, more enjoyable, and far less stressful than it would be otherwise. This means that you have more time to focus on other issues, other aspects of your company, and your customers as a whole which can be a major swing in your favor. Resellers have the ability to provide the same great SEO that a tech or specialist would be able to offer without the added cost, manpower, or hassle making them a perfect choice for smaller companies that are growing or for businesses that may not be experienced in SEO.

You can get a great deal of help from a reseller which will work to make the entire process easier and faster and all together better for everyone involved. Resellers have the ability to streamline the process and make things easier and more enjoyable for your entire company, for your customers and for anyone else that is involved in your business or your business model.

Thinking of Outsourcing SEO to a Reseller – Tips for Finding a Top SEO Reseller

Google Algo 2015 05 12Choosing a SEO reseller program offers your business room to grow and more options. However, finding a top reseller can prove difficult. If you’re ready to outsource SEO, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind as you choose your SEO reseller. Here are some essential tips to follow as you select your SEO reseller plan.

Tip #1 – Is the Program Backed by Appropriate SEO Tactics

Before choosing a SEO reseller program, you’ll want to find out if the program is backed by appropriate SEO tactics. Learn more about the firm doing the work and make sure that you’re comfortable with the ways they approach link building and rankings. There needs to be total congruency between your organization and the SEO reseller that you choose. If you do not do your research in the beginning, it could result in customer complaints and a loss of revenue in the future.

Tip #2 – Is the SEO Reseller Plan Transparent

When you’re trying to find the right SEO reseller for your needs, you also need to make sure that the SEO reseller plan is transparent. When it comes to search engine optimization, it’s important to know what you get and how optimization is being done. Transparency is essential to a successful reseller program. If you ask the reseller direct questions and you only get vague answers, then you may want to continue your search. It’s better to work with a reseller that provides you with crisp, clear, written documents that show what you get with the program.

Tip #3 – Is There Moneymaking Potential?

seo_scienceThe main reason you’re looking for a SEO reseller program is to grow your business and enjoy a profit. This means you need to ensure that the plan you choose offers moneymaking potential. Of course, it’s not only important to evaluate programs in the profits it can bring your business, you must also consider the value that will be brought to your customer as well. It’s a mistake to go with the cheapest SEO plans out there. Going the cheapest route isn’t the best way to make money. While low priced plans may have high closure rates, you’ll quickly find out that customer retention goes downhill in the future.

If you want to make money, you need to focus on choosing SEO reseller plans that help you close deals while keeping your customers. Customers will stick with the plan if they think they are receiving great value for the money they spend. Remember, the cost of retaining your customers is much lower than acquiring new customers, so make sure you choose a program that will help you keep your customers so your business is profitable in the long run.

Tip #4 – Ensure You Compare Apples to Apples

It’s also essential to ensure that you’re comparing apples to apples when looking for a reseller offering white label SEO. If you look at one plan for $100/month and another for $200/month, it’s easy to think that the second plan is overpriced. However, if you look closely, you could find that the more expensive plan offers a lot more than the cheaper option. A plan that only does link building and posting may not cost much, but if you choose a plan that offers quality content written by high quality, US-based English speakers, the plan is going to cost more. When you look at SEO reseller programs, make sure that you pick the offering apart to see all of its pieces. This is the only way that you will be able to do true comparisons that allow you to discern the real value for your end customers.

Tip #5 – Does the Program Really Work?
Last, it’s essential to make sure that you choose a SEO reseller that offers programs that really work. While reputable SEO firms are not able to promise or guarantee page 1 rankings in the search engines, quality SEO firms should still have excellent business case studies. Talk to the firm about the rankings they have achieved for other customers. Check out the rankings of the SEO firm. If they aren’t using their own plan to ensure they get great rankings, you can probably guarantee that their plan doesn’t really offer great results. Remember, you’re selling business results, so you need to ensure that you’re choosing a program that offers excellent results.

Many people make the mistake of making a quick choice when choosing an SEO reseller program. However, if you’re in an hurry and you simply choose the cheapest option, you’re selling your business short. Before choosing a SEO reseller, make sure that you use these tips to dig into the program, ensuring that you choose a quality program that will bring you the success you’re working towards.

Leading SEO reseller strategies

Web designers, marketing groups and SEO reseller specialists who want search engine optimization for their clients can partner with a trusted SEO company for comprehensive search engine optimization services selecting a package that best fits each business’ particular needs. You can offer your clients one complete customized package that will cover every aspect of their marketing plan, plus analytics. There is no success in starting a business relationship making promises that are not deliverable. It makes good sense to partner with an SEO provider who is proficient in full-service SEO campaigns from pre-sales research to retention modules, who uses organic and local SEO, has a dynamic social media management history, PPC and applicable facilitation with a migration specialist that will assist you in keeping your client campaigns on a regular schedule like twice a month or weekly.

The first reseller strategy that must be on your list is to offer each client free tools that feature priceless services like finding broken links, which often hinder excellent ranking on search engine pages no matter how exceptional their marketing plan is carried out. Another priceless tool is a free image and link analyzer for clients who still need to optimize their images for search. This project seems overwhelming, but having a tool that shows each image with its identifiers  will consolidate the effort and make it more manageable. How about offering a free tool that views how the search engine spider sees their site? Offering your client a one-stop visual of their sites’ critical problems and search deficits provides unquestionable confirmation that your service can help them remedy real-time website problems.

You may already have many of the services your clients will need, the trick to good partnering is in hiring an SEO specialist with the services you do not already have. Keep it simple, you do not need a service that duplicates service you already exceed at. You need a partner that specializes in the optimization service gaps you want to provide. Organize your SEO reseller program partnerships according to their strengths so you can launch client campaigns and service cycles at least twice per month, this will keep their followers interested and returning regularly. Negotiate with your resellers for month-to-month service commitments, this way you can change your menu of outsource SEO services if some are not producing or your clients are developing some more advanced service requirements.

Beware of resellers who guarantee results and specific rankings just to sign you on with a long-term contract. Create an environment where your SEO partners must prove themselves on a month-to-month service plan. At the same time, do not start up with a larger package then your business needs. Evaluate where your clients immediate needs are, and how you can service them optimally for the present, observe how your partner’s services are performing month to month, then add services as needed as your client’s marketing plans progress.

Some of the basic start up services you can select to build packages for your new clients include:

  • Optimization of 1-5 pages
  • Google+ Local Creation
  • Yahoo! Local Creation
  • Bing Local Creation
  • Keyword Optimization – Keyword Research & Keyword Grouping
  • Link Citation Development – Website Audit Report & Broken Link Reporting
  • SEO Road Map
  • Google Analytics Check
  • Google Analytics Summary
  • End of Month Ranking Report

Some of these are logical services you probably already provide with excellence, some you may want to use an SEO reseller partner with proven results to further benefit your clients.  Your customers with older websites, who are, or should be looking to vamp up, modernize, and find solutions for specific pain points will need more strategic solutions. One very important “must have” for your already established customers is the “Link Clean Up” package. When sites have been around the cyber-world for  long time, it’s common that they have been “tweaked” by many in-house engineers or online services. Consequently, many companies find out too late that they are not ranking where they should be, simply because of hidden bad links and back-links acquired along the way, completely without their knowledge. You can be the “Solution Hero”,  when they see their next months’ analytics, once you have applied these clean-up solutions.

The purpose of search engines is to consistently provide users with excellent content resources that respond directly and relevantly to their immediate search, (interests). The reason why all search engines have built-in anti-cheating detection and they consistently adjust their algorithms is to keep improving the search relevancy and accuracy they provide. Make your clients fully aware of the benefits to providing exceptional, original creative content for each of their websites, without replication. Even website images should be original and not copied from one website to the next, if their true goal is ranking optimization. Your clients need frequent updates, as much fresh content creation as they can manage, with the full use of good keyword phrases – in their headings, content, domain names, as well as strategic usage in their links’ anchor texts. As a white label SEO service, you can best assist every client by helping them understand the value of finding content providers focused on relevant and compelling topics and copy, who consistently produce interesting content directed at target users that is sure to enhance their content ranking every month.

Finding a Great SEO Reseller Vendor


Finding a SEO reseller is vital these days. Many businesses underestimate the importance of a SEO reseller program, thinking that they can write new content, and just have a website presence. However, that can’t be farther from the truth.  With Google always changing guidelines, and giving penalties to websites, it’s very important to hire experts in handling SEO requirements. Not only will websites have higher rankings in search engines, which will lead to more online traffic to their websites, but they will also prevent the possibility of getting penalized, which can weigh heavily on one’s business.

With penalization, companies’ websites are getting backed by several pages on search engines which is bad, since customers rarely go beyond the first few pages. And in some cases, some companies’ websites are banned, which is terrible, since a large percentage of online visitors and sales came from customers learning about their products and services via search engines.

With this said, SEO resellers are a definite must in today’s business society. Even if a business has adequate knowledge on search engine optimization, it still doesn’t have the right amount of time needed to monitor their SEO progress, especially when it comes to Google’s constant change in guidelines, and also due to the business being busy with business operations, vendors, marketing, etc. Therefore, practically no business owner can go without the services of SEO resellers.

Selection Criteria and What You Need to know to Outsource SEO

To outsource SEO, there are different criteria that business owners should adhere to, in choosing the most proficient, and professional SEO experts around. One thing that business owners shouldn’t do is go the cheapest route. Sometimes trying to be cheap will cost more. Sometimes it’s best to put in some money that can give astronomical results. With that being the case, that will be a worthwhile investment.  Secondly, the SEO reseller must have a proven track record, to show that they are reliable in their services. This can be done by checking with the Better Business Bureau, and by checking customer reviews on different reliable sites. Another criteria is to see how the SEO experts undergo content marketing and competitive keyword analysis. These are very crucial elements when it comes to search engine optimization, so it’s important to know rather or not they utilize sound, scientific methods in determining the competitive keyword analysis. It’s also important to how much keyword density they use, because too much keyword density can hurt websites. And lastly, for some, it may be important to know rather or not, the SEO reseller participate in white label SEO.  Sometimes, such partnerships can help create more profit, especially when the business want to market more, but may not have as much time as they like to market their product or services.

Things that can go Wrong

There are several potential traps that can occur, if not aware or not careful. Besides the issue of penalization of search engines, and lower rankings in search engines, other things should be avoided. For one, if electing to use white label SEO, the business must make sure the partnership is thoroughly clear and agreed upon. Sometimes, partnerships have bad outcomes, upon disagreements and not seeing eye to eye on different techniques. Also, another thing that could go wrong is the fact that a SEO reseller may not be as fluent in keeping with updated guidelines from Google. This can pose a risk to companies, because Google can penalize the company for using a SEO method that is no longer allowed. This could happen if the SEO reseller, or the business itself, don’t catch, and therefore, make the necessary changes before Google become aware of the unauthorized SEO method. Because of this severity, it’s always important that businesses stay on top of their outsourced SEO.


Finding a SEO reseller is vital these days. Many businesses underestimate the importance of a SEO reseller program, thinking that they can write new content, and just have a website presence. And not only that- having a terrible website is not good either. Because of these things and more, an SEO reseller program is very important for the success of websites. Practically no business can do without a SEO reseller program. And besides, more traffic will come from outsourcing SEO experts, which in turn, will derive from websites having higher rankings on search engines. Great search optimization is greatly needed because business websites are getting penalized for not adhering to different SEO guidelines. This could be very detrimental to businesses since most of their traffic and sales are deriving from more web presence from search engines. And since the importance of SEO resellers are determined, companies must also determine the selection criteria, and be aware of what to do and not to do, in order to have great success in this endeavor.